Our Office

San Diego, California area office of Invisalign dentist Dr. Jeff Gray

At Dr. Jeff Gray’s office in La Mesa, California, you’ll notice an immediate difference. We have plenty of easily accessible parking just a few yards from the front door. Our highly skilled and friendly team will greet when you walk through the doors, and do everything possible to provide you with a comfortable, relaxing and professional experience. The office is purposely designed not to look like a dental office, but more like a fine hotel or someone’s home. Many of our patients often comment that they feel a sense of relaxation and tranquility start to surround them when they visit our office. That is just the effect we wanted our carefully designed and soothing office to have. You won’t find a waiting room full of patients La Mesa, California office of Invisalign dentist Dr. Jeff Grayat Dr. Gray’s office, since we intentionally schedule just one patient at a time, so we can devote our full attention to you. In fact you won’t find a waiting room at all, only a reception area where you can help yourself to a variety of cool drinks to some fresh and delicious Latte’s and coffees.

We tend to run on time, so you probably won’t spend much time at all in the reception area. We do have a very unique “Relaxation Room” that offers a special massaging recliner and peaceful music to soothe away your stress. Many of our patients opt to come a bit early or stay late, just so they can spend a few minutes unwinding from their hectic schedule.

From the reception area you will be escorted on a tour of our facility because we are very proud of the unique and comforting surroundings we have created. Once you have completed your tour, we will show you into our consultation room where you and Dr. Gray can privately discuss your desires and needs. We provide a wide range of dental services from world class smile makeovers using porcelain veneers, to the field of Sedation Dentistry for patients who would rather not be awake for their dental care.

Once you get to the treatment rooms, you will notice the large flat screen TV’s on the walls and on the ceiling, so you can be entertained or distracted while we care for you. The most popular feature in our treatment rooms are the Tempurpedic chair cushions and pillows, which gently surround and support you as you relax in the chairs. If you would like, we even offer plush and cushy blankets to keep you warm cozy while we care for you. We believe that coming to the dentist can be a comfortable and pleasant experience, and we have done everything possible to insure we provide that experience for you .